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Sqorpio1980 Aaron WaddingtonSqorpio1980 Sword in Stone
Psa 104:4 Who maketh his angels spirits;
his ministers a flaming fire:

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Something About Me: Well, The Only Credentials I Hold Are Life's. I Am Self Taught, Awakened, And Followed By Will Of My Heart I Was Born An Indigo Child In October Of 1980 My Mother Died Roughly Five Years Afterward. I Was Sent To Sunday School At St Stevens Church Warryndyte For My Fathers Working Duties And Was Kicked Out Less Than A Week After For Proving The Teacher Wrong. I Have Hardly Agreed With Most Minds Seduced By Churches, But, Have Understood How They Have Been Manipulated.

I Was Touched By Jesus Before My Mother Died And Have Held Firm With His Father Since. Like All, I Have Things I Regret But Repent And Move On. I Have Endured Mostly Mourning Through Life, As All Good Men Do, But Raise Above And Try To Conqour It. I Am No Better Than Anyone Else For We Are All The Same. If Anything I Listen To My Heart More And Do Not Follow The Crowd, Not Being Afraid Of What Others Think. I Rebuke The Things In My Life Most Others Hide In Fear Of Persecution. And Am Fully Aware What We Free On Earth Is Free'd In Heaven And Our Duty Is To Be All Lams, And Walk On Our Own Path's With The Spirit From The Start.

Prove Me Wrong If You Can But Do It With Works Not Of Satan's But Of GOD's And My Purpose Will Be Complete And Your Hearts Will Be Straightened But Know An Opinion Is An Opinion And We're All Entitled To Our Own, So May Sirius Shine In Your Dreams Tonight And Awaken You To What's Right I Dont Think I Have All The Answers But In My Case Fact Overides Persuasion

So You Know Up Front I Am Going To Go Further Than Any So Called Facts Manipulated On To You By Satans Minions For I Will Straighten And Correct There Lies And Hopefully Awaken Your Minds, But Know This About Me, I Am Not A Member Of Any Congregation Or Religious Creed, But An Individual And Temple Of GOD I Seek Religious Writings And Others Works But Rebuke Their Curse And Unholy Verse While Awakening Truths Seed So Think Of Me What You Will But Please Dont Disrespect The Spirit Whom Leads Me, Nor His Word On Earth Or Truth There Of... Sqorpio1980 Aaron Waddington Sirius USEIT undying services etched in time

All Hail GOD And His First Angel Lord Jesus Of Sirius Christ

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